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Jaime Herrera Beutler’s Plan To Impact The Community

In 2020 many important elections happened throughout the country, including the race for congresswoman of Southwest Washington. The incumbent, Jaime Herrera Beutler, won the election against Carolyn Long by around 52 percent, a close election in a year full of division. Beutler spoke to The Camasonian on how she will unite the community and have a positive impact.

“We have to see the value in one another. We must see each other first and foremost as friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans, rather than solely as an opponent or people who see the world different than we do. I truly believe that as Americans there is more that unites us than divides us – a love for our country and a shared belief that living in the United States of America offers us the freedoms and abilities to achieve our highest aspirations,” Beutler said.

She also described her plans to keep the community of Camas, as well as the other towns and cities in her district, united. 

Beutler said, “I’m going to continue to apply the same principle I have always used during my time elected to Congress; listen, learn, and serve. I’ll keep working to find common ground with people of all political stripes. Regardless of who you supported in an election, I’m here to serve you and do the best to empower our students, teachers, businesses, and families. Governing should not be seen as a zero-sum game; if our elected leaders succeed in pushing through solutions that their constituents support, we all win.”

Beutler has worked as Congresswoman for nearly a decade now. Over this time she has focused on bettering the spaces in Southwest Washington. 

Jaime Herrera Beutler, Courtesy

I’ve been blessed enough to serve the people of Southwest Washington in Congress for the last 10 years – it’s a privilege I do not take for granted. In the past 10 years, I’ve fought to make our region better. Whether that’s ensuring folks have good jobs or working to improve residents’ access to quality health care, I’m going to continue working on solutions that make life better here.” This continuous work is what she has taken to Congress and will continue to do. 

Camas is home to a wide variety of people, which Beutler acknowledged.

She said, “Ensuring that Southwest Washingtonian’s voices are heard in Washington, D.C. is my number one priority. My job is to take the voice of the people who live in our region to D.C. and vote the right way on legislation and shape new legislative solutions based on what Southwest Washington needs. When I’m able to talk with, listen, and hear folks’ concerns, it better helps me do my job, and it helps guide the work I do on behalf of the folks I represent in Congress.”  

Beutler’s main goal is to help the citizens of her district.

She said, “Another large part of my job: I act as a personal advocate for veterans who are having trouble getting a health appointment from the Veteran’s Administration, or senior citizens who can’t access their Social Security benefits – anyone who needs help with a federal agency. My office and I are here to serve, and help every single Southwest Washington resident who calls me for help.” 

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