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Everyone Has A Story: Madison Palek

Camas High School Junior Maddy Palek joined journalism because she recognizes how frustrating it can be when someone’s voice is not heard. She also enjoys sharing other people’s experiences with those who may benefit from hearing it, good or bad.

One thing she has always really like about journalism is the research aspect. In addition, Palek likes that she gets the opportunity to meet new people through interviews.

Courtesy of Maddy Palek.

Now for her story. Something that Palek has been passionate about for many years is music. She started taking guitar and cello lessons from a very young age. Even thorough she does not know why her dad encouraged her to take guitar lessons, she did and ended up liking it.

After not playing the guitar for a little bit, Palk began to start playing again over quarantine. This was something that helped her to bond with her dad during these trying times.

Palek used to be a part of the orchestra at her old school. She still plays the cello and is a member of the CHS orchestra. She tends to be drawn to playing classical pieces on the cello.

Palek sees how music plays a role in everyday life. It is there for you at your worst and best days, and you do not have to go anywhere to listen to or play it.

She has spent hours practicing music, listening to music, and even dancing to music in the kitchen with her mom while they cook. She hopes to either major or minor in music when she attends college to keep it in her life.

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