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Everyone Has A Story: Blake Bell

Camas High School Senior Blake Bell is a first-year staff writer for the Camasonian. He enjoys being able to bring stories to life through his writing while incorporating significant quotes that depict the article with perfect transparency. 

When Bell is not conducting an interview, writing an article, or snapping photographs, Bell enjoys hiking in the PNW. 

“I loved hiking since I was a kid. My dad’s good friend, Troy, always took us on these crazy hikes through the gorge and I guess that where the love just started,” he said.

Last year, Bell started on the CHS boy’s varsity basketball team and played significant minutes at the power forward spot.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck he was forced to resort to some old passions while maintaining a safe six-foot distance. As he was thinking of ways to pass the time a light bulb struck for him, hiking.

Bell said, “I was definitely a little rusty at first, it was especially shocking because I just got done with 5 month season where all you do is condition,” he added, “I guess hiking just works different parts of my body then basketball and it took me a second to get acclimated.”

Courtesy of Blake Bell.

This old passion has been a great coping strategy during these trying times. Bell said that hiking has blanketed him with some comfort from what is going on in society. 

Bell said, “It just serves as the perfect escape from all of the hubbub. It has served almost as a therapeutic method for me, helping me forget about all of the pressures and put things into perspective.”

The year 2020 has been unique but Bell is staying optimistic and looking towards what the future holds. He recently just hiked the Timberline Trail and plans on hiking Silver Star Mountain very soon. Bell tries to set up a hike every weekend because it helps him stay motivated.

He said, “This year has definitely been interesting, to say the least, but I’m going to stay optimistic about the future and with hiking, it makes it very easy to keep a positive outlook.”

Bell added, “I’m planning on hitting up Silver Star next week so that definitely gives me something to look forward to.”

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