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Everyone Has A Story: Aidan Linerud

Aidan Linerud joined journalism because of his interest in writing and the news. He enjoys writing informational articles to inform the community and educate the public on certain topics. Linerud enjoys telling stories because he likes to make sure the people are informed about the news that is going to affect them. He finds it as a way to teach certain things and let the people know about topics that can hurt or positively impact them. Here is Linerud’s story:

Although Aidan is in journalism, he really enjoys programming and playing video games. These two activities have been a good way to use free time during the quarantine. Aidan has been admitted to Washington State University and is looking towards the field of programming.

During this school year, Aidan has enjoyed the new online system that the school has created.

Linerud said, “I really enjoy the flexibility that comes with remote learning.” As many students have mixed emotions about online learning, Aidan sees it as a positive and makes the most out of it. Along with the flexibility, the sleeping aspect has also been a huge positive towards the way school is being run this year.

Courtesy of Aidan Linerud.

Linerud has a good background in technology and has deepened his interest in a future career in this field. He continues to think about what his profession may be.

“I might go into indie game development instead, or do web freelancing,” he said.

This is a field that has a lot to do with Aidan’s interest and background. With all Linerud’s technological experience, these college courses are going to be a perfect fit. These interests have helped Aidan find out who and he wants to be around, also giving him a clear idea of what he wants to do in the long run. As the year dwindles down, Linerud looks to make the most out of the time he has left here.

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