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Everyone Has A Story: Addison Wunderli

Camas High School Sophomore Addie Wunderli joined journalism because she thought it sounded fun and interesting. She thinks it is important to share informative stories and other people’s points of view.

Wunderli recently moved to Camas from Maryland so this is her first year at CHS. She has moved around before, but with remote learning and COVID-19 going on it is a whole different experience. She said meeting new people and learning about the area has been much harder. Wunderli was introduced to some new people in her neighborhood and on a new soccer team she started playing on.

Courtesy of Addie Wunderli.

She said, “It’s difficult in a place where you’ve never lived before to make friends when you can’t go to school or meet people anywhere.”

Wunderli misses school in Maryland but said that Camas is beautiful. So far, she is really liking Camas High School as well.

“The teachers clearly care about the students and want to see them succeed she says, for example, if you get a bad grade on something you can retake it to improve yourself,” Wunderli said.

She dreams of being a sports announcer for the Utah Jazz when she gets older. Wunderli has always loved the team and her favorite player (who she also plans to marry one day) is Donovan Mitchell. She loves sports but especially loves soccer. Before getting her dream job, she wants to attend BYU to play Division I soccer on their team. Her dad also went to BYU, and Wunderli wants to have the same amazing experiences he did while playing her favorite sport.

She remembers on her eighth birthday when she scored her very first goal and found her love for the sport. Wunderli still remembers it to this day as one of her most memorable and happiest moments from soccer.


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