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Everyone Has A Story: Samuel Geiger

Sam Geiger is a Senior at Camas High School and a journalist for The Camasonian. Geiger’s desire to take journalism stemmed from enjoying the writing process and being able to create his own stories.

“A big push for me to take the class was getting recommended by friends that already took journalism,” Geiger said.

He explains that he also wants to work on his writing skills and journalism is a really fun and great way to do so. English also happens to be one of Geiger’s favorite classes. He explains that he enjoys taking English to be able to communicate his ideas through writing and storytelling.

Geiger believes that it is important for everyone to be able to share stories about themselves.

“It’s good to hear stories about other people to be able to hear other perspectives and to know more about one another through hobbies and other interests,” he said.

With that being said, Sam decided to share his own story about at the time he overcame an obstacle and what he learned from his experience.

“I was really shy in the classroom and around my peers. I was a completely different person back then,” Geiger said.

Courtesy Chase Muro.

The experience he dealt with in his first year in high school taught him to get out of his shell and to be more outgoing in class. Now, Geiger exclaims he tends to ask more questions in class and talk more to his peers.

Although Sam has already grown from keeping to himself to becoming a more talkative and outgoing person, he still wants to work and improve as he continues his education in college and further on into his future career. 


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