Everyone Has A Story: Keilee Siefer

Camas High School Senior Keilee Siefer decided to take journalism because she admires the teacher, Kate Hunting, and looks up to her as a mentor. She formed a great friendship with Hunting during her sophomore year, while taking her English Class.

Siefer has a passion for writing and her favorite subject in school is English. She has always been really good at writing and finds it fun and enjoyable.

“When I was growing up I liked to write short stories. I am also excited to take journalism because it’s really fun to interview people and to find out their stories and be able to write about it,” Siefer said. 

She believes that it is important to tell stories because it is refreshing to hear about other people’s lives and share both the good and difficult things they endure.

Siefer said, “The experiences will help bring people together and show their thoughts through storytelling.”

Courtesy of Keilee Siefer.

Siefer has dealt with stress and anxiety when it came to academics in school and sports. The stress comes from wanting to do the best or succeed to the best of her ability. To help ease her worries, Siefer looks to art.

“I really love to draw and paint a lot, I have been doing it for a really long time and it has helped me cope with anxiety and stress,” she said.

Art means a lot to her personally, not only because it helps her through anxiety but it is also something she enjoys doing. Siefer said that the best feeling is when hands out some of her artwork to her friends and family.

Everybody has different ways of coping with stress, and for Siefer that is art. She said that she will always have a special bond with it.

“The pressure that can be put on you in life, where you feel like you have to be the best and do the best, art has definitely helped in those aspects,” Siefer said.

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