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Everyone Has A Story: Zachary Gittings

Camas High School Senior Zachary Gittings joined journalism because he thought it was a good opportunity to connect with the Camas community and meet new people, as well as step outside of his comfort zone. He cares about telling stories through journalism because informing the community of recent news, regardless of whether it is good or bad, is important to him. Journalism has also put his skills to work.

In middle school, Gittings learned that hard work really does pay off in the end. 

“I tried out for the seventh-grade basketball team, and I got cut,” he said, “I just remember being super disappointed.” 

Looking back, he realized that he had simply walked into tryouts without putting in any prior effort. Despite being cut from the team, he decided to work hard during the off-season to earn his place. After his summer of practice and hard work, Gittings finally made the eighth-grade team. 

“I was feeling accomplished, and it really put into perspective that hard work does pay off,” he said.

In both school and work, Gittings applies the same mentality of hard work.

H said, “You do the best you can, and good things will happen.”

However, there are exceptions. For Gittings, it was his struggle while playing football. 

“I remember going to weight training, going to practices every day—just working really hard—but I didn’t get a lot of playing time,” he said.

Though he said he felt devastated, he quickly moved on to lacrosse and found opportunities there.

Courtesy of Zach Gittings.

Gittings has lived in the Camas community his entire life. In fact, his family has been living here for four generations.

Since becoming a student journalist at CHS, he has had several opportunities to get to learn more about downtown Camas and meet a wide range of community members.

Gittings is most interested in sports journalism out of all types of news.

“My knowledge of sports is greater than a lot of other things in school. I feel like I can connect to it more personally,” he said.

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