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Everyone Has A Story: Will Hansen Camasonian Co-Editor-in-Chief

Camas High School Senior Will Hansen became a Camasonian writer because he loves to write and spread the news. Hansen received a recommendation from his sophomore English teacher to join Journalism. He also knew his friend and basketball teammate, Chase Muro, who was in journalism at the time. Hansen decided to forecast for the class because of his love for writing and Muro told him that the class is really fun. 

Hansen said, “That was a really fun class and a really good experience.” 

At the end of last year, CHS English and Journalism teacher Kate Hunting pulled Hansen and Muro aside asking them to both become the editors in chief for the upcoming year. Before that experience, Hansen never considered a leadership role in journalism, but ultimately they both agreed to become co-editors-in-chief of the Camasonian. 

Hansen attributes his drive and hard work ethic to an experience he had in third grade. In third grade, he was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder that is similar to OCD. This big change seemingly came out of the blue and changed his life drastically. 

“I was a completely different person overnight,” Hansen said. 

Courtesy of Will Hansen

He was unable to go to school that year due to complications with the disorder, but during that off-year Hansen was able to get surgery that helped alleviate some of the symptoms. It was a really intense couple of years, but gradually he started to get better. By the time ninth grade hit Hansen believed he was able to get it mostly under control. 

Hansen said, “I think I’ve outgrown it. I would say I had it (the disorder) until around eighth grade. It would come and go, but by ninth grade, I feel like I had it under control.”

He added, “It’s been pretty smooth sailing in high school.”

During the year Hansen took off he was not able to play sports, which are a major part of his life. When he was able to get back to school and sports he was motivated to work harder and make the most of everything. Currently, Hansen plays soccer and basketball for CHS. 

Courtesy of Will Hansen

For many, such a drastic life change like Hansen’s would change life as they knew it, but he turned it into motivation. Hansen tries to make the most of life and does not take any moment for granted. His determined work ethic makes him a strong leader, journalist, and teammate. 

“You never know when something like that will happen. Where everything is going good and then it’s just taken away from you,” Hansen said. 

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