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Everyone Has A Story: Shaelynn LaVoie

Camas High School Junior Shaelynn LaVoie joined journalism because of her appreciation for writing, especially when she is given a creative outlook. Journalism was an option for her to get a credit she needed in order to graduate and she thought it would be a good fit.

LaVoie cares about telling stories because it helps herself and others stay aware of the events happening in the community. She appreciates the ability to stay up-to-date on important events, as it helps her understand the context of any given situation. LaVoie also finds it very meaningful that she has a voice that can give people the reliable information they seek.

Courtesy of Shaelynn LaVoie.

A huge hurdle that she has had to jump over this year was her switching of schools. With everything previously planned out, including her schedule, senior year, and graduation requirements, she had to replan everything.

In February 2020, LaVoie was told that she would have to move the following school year. Shortly after that, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Not only did she have to deal with the stress of moving to a new environment, but also with the inconveniences of the pandemic. 

LaVoie said, “This year has been a challenge for me, especially with the situation we are all in regarding online school.”

Learning from a distance makes it tough to adjust, considering the fact that communication is much more complicated.

These challenges that LaVoie has faced have proved very difficult for her, but she has also learned valuable lessons that will help her moving forward.

“I have been guided by my helpful teachers and I do not hesitate to reach out when I find myself confused,” she said.

The kindness of her teachers at CHS has not gone unnoticed. LaVoie has been encouraged to be more outspoken and she is not afraid to reach out.

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