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Everyone Has A Story: Joshua Fernando

Joshua Fernando is a junior at Camas High School and a member of the Camasonian news team. He joined journalism because he wanted to try something new and improve his writing skills. Fernando cares about writing stories because he thinks that writing can bring people together, no matter what genre it is.

Courtesy of Joshua Fernando

Fernando’s family came from a fascinating background. He was born in America and has lived here most of his life. He went to Prune Hill Elementary School when he was seven years old but later moved to Sri Lanka.

His parents were born in Sri Lanka which is a third-world country located in South Asia. His father lived there because he had a job as a managing director of a construction machinery company. His brother also lived there for a short time.

Fernando said that during his time in Sri Lanka the poverty levels were very eye-opening and appalling. According to him, Sri Lanka was very tropical and humid.

He said, “I would see an entire family on one motorcycle and multiple families living and sleeping in a room as small as a backyard shed. There would be children on the edge of the street that would be begging for food or for money.” 

Courtesy of Joshua Fernando

Eventually, he returned to America with most of his family because his brother was going to get married. Fernando lived in Sri Lanka for four and a half years and left when he was about 12 years old. When he moved back to America, he was excited to be home and see his old friends again.

Fernando feels proud of his Sri Lankan heritage and is also honored to have a unique background.

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