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Everyone Has A Story: Daisy Gooch

Daisy Gooch, a Camas High School Sophomore and journalism student joined journalism because her freshman English teacher recommended the class to her. She thought the class would be a great opportunity to improve and strengthen her writing skills. She also showed interest in journalism because it seemed like a fun and new adventure.

Gooch said, “it is a good way to connect the community,” she added, “writing stories is a great way for the reader to learn about new things that they may not have otherwise heard about.”

She believes it has become especially important recently as there have been many important current events and a growing need for people to be informed. 

Here is Daisy’s story…

Sports have always been a big part of Gooch’s life, she started playing soccer at only 18 months old and took up lacrosse in 6th grade. She has also played many years of softball and used to do dance for 11 years. When Gooch was young, she was influenced to play soccer by her parents and family. She watched both her mom and dad play throughout her childhood.

Courtesy of Daisy Gooch

 In 2016, she had the opportunity to go to the Women’s World Cup Final in Vancouver BC. The two teams facing off in that game were the USA and Japan with a final score of 5-2 and the US taking the win. 

She said, “it was very cool and surreal to be there.” 

She really enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium. There was a massive sense of community at the game and she believes it was because most everybody there had the same level of interest in soccer.

Courtesy of Daisy Gooch

 It was around this time, as well, that lacrosse came into her life. This was a new thing for her and quickly became one of her favorite sports.

She started playing women’s club lacrosse in 6th grade which has given her the opportunity to travel to many different places.  One of her favorite places she has played is at Oregon State’s Stadium in Corvallis, she also really likes traveling to play in Bend, Oregon.

Although the sports seasons have been canceled since March, Gooch is looking forward to the rest of the year and hopefully a better new year.

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