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Everyone Has A Story: Bianca Flores

Freshman at Camas High School, Bianca Flores, joined journalism because she enjoys everything that has to do with writing and literature. She felt that journalism was the perfect class to have fun while practicing writing. She cares about writing stories because “it creates a special connection to the people in our community, that makes it feel safe.”

Flores used her time in quarantine as a way to better herself and plan for the future. She was able to focus more time on her two main hobbies: music and aviation.

“When the Coronavirus came around, I had all that time to focus on dance for an hour, and piano for an hour every day. I was able to do an online ground school for pilot training, and I was even still able to receive some flight lessons. I really improved so much about myself, and I really feel good about how I spent quarantine,” Flores said.

Before quarantine, Flores had no post-high school plans. After using her quarantine to discover more about herself, she now wants to apply to the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Bianca Flores photo courtesy of Bianca Flores

“I feel like I really got my feet beneath me for the rest of my life or at least the rest of my teen years,” Flores added, “I feel it’s the best way possible to combine all my greatest interests, which are flying planes, helping others, serving my country, and becoming a stronger person mentally and physically.”

Quarantine has helped Flores understand and find new ways to support her family and friends. She and her friends sent letters and packages to each other and had socially distanced hangouts during quarantine.

“We have found different ways to support each other, and having to find new ways to connect.”

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