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Op-Ed: Why We Like Loop

There are many teachers around Camas High School who have high respect from students, but nobody is respected like English teacher Mr. Loop. He has positively affected students around CHS with what he brings to us as learners.

Loop grew up in Portland and moved to Camas when he was two years old. He was raised there along with his two brothers.

Courtesy of Camas High School.

Loop went to CHS and did two years at Clark, before attending college at Western Washington University. At WWU he studied English and pursued a degree in education.

In addition to teaching at CHS, Loop also coaches football. Last year, he helped lead the CHS football team to a state championship, making that his third appearance and second championship ring.

Loop knows that not all students are perfect. However, he has a special talent that helps him understand and relate to all of his students. If a student has the chance to join his class, be ready for a lot of fun, laughs, and a good time.

Loop said, “I love being able to have fun and build relationships with students and learn something along the way.” 

A former student of Loop’s, CHS Senior Kellen Mason said, “I enjoy his teaching style and the way he integrates his lessons into our homework. I also enjoy how much class time we have to work on assignments, and how he is pretty lenient about assignment due dates.” 

Courtesy of @papermakerasb on Instagram.

I really enjoyed having Loop because his teaching style is different than most teachers. He can instruct a lesson that all learning types can understand.

I hope this gives a better understanding of what a great teacher we have at CHS. If students have any questions to ask Mr. Loop, feel free to email him!

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