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Halloween Festivities: What Will They Look Like This Year?

The annual Boo Bash, which takes place in Downtown Camas, has been canceled this year due to worries about COVID-19. This is a beloved October tradition where kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and trick or treat at the shops downtown.

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CHS student Britain McGill said, “I don’t think (the cancellation) is that big of a deal. I think it’s fine that people are trying to handle the virus in any way that can.”

Camas has other other events happening this fall that are in-person or online. First Fridays will begin this November and be partially and the “Pie, Oh My” event will take place in-person from November 6th to the 13th.

Some Camas residents are ecstatic for fall events and they are finding unique ways to still have them. On the other hand, others have mixed feelings about online events.

CHS student Mallory Woodward says, “It depends on the actual event. Personally, I don’t like online events, but you once live once.”

Although she does not want to attend, Mallory said, “I think (doing an online event) is good because the world isn’t in a good place right now and we should take precautions to stay safe, no matter how lame they might be.”

Halloween is going to look very different this year due to the pandemic. Since many people are staying inside for this year, they are coming up with clever ways to celebrate from home.

CHS science teacher Cory Marshall created a safe way to hand out treats.

He said, “Instead of coming up to the door, we created a shute using hot wheel tracks and we put the candy on it and send the candy down. We will have a little party in our garage, and when people come, there is a dot that says ‘stand here’ and they hold up their bag and we slide them the candy.”

Marshall is not the only one preparing for some fun at-home Halloween activities. Camas resident Mrs. Abts is has two young kids.

She said, ”We are going to have a Halloween feast with octopus pizza and brain pudding. We are also putting on our costumes and we are having the grandparents over to have a costume contest.”

CHS Junior Stephanie Gofman plans to celebrate indoors as well.

“We are hosting a Halloween party with close friends. We’re planning to either buy a piñata or do trick or treating around the house,” she said.

Even though some traditional fall events are cancelled or look different this year, Camas residents are finding creative ways to celebrate safely.

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