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Camas Dog Mayor 2020

This year, Camas High School DECA is holding an election for a Camas dog mayor. Last year when DECA hosted All Paws on Deck they had a street fair for the cause; however, because of the restrictions from COVID-19, they are just holding the dog mayor competition online. The top ten dog mayor nominees will be posted through their social media so anyone is able to vote! You can vote by donating towards the dog you want to win. The dog that raises the most money will be crowned dog mayor and the proceeds will be split equally between two local humane societies. 

A student from the Class of 2020, Megan Bauer, who originally started this event, volunteered frequently at local humane societies. She saw the necessity for outside funding and donations. Juniors Esha Minhas and Ryley Anderson are the coordinators for All Paws On Deck this year.

Minhas said, “Megan saw how much they were struggling, they needed a lot of funds to keep it going. Especially this year because of COVID-19 so that’s why we wanted to continue the event.”

The proceeds will be donated to two local shelters, the Southwest humane society and the West Columbia Gorge humane society. 

CHS marketing teacher Susie Downs said, “This event is important to the community because animals are really important to people. Especially during quarantine animals help keep us sane and happy.”

During quarantine, Mrs. Downs got a new dog and it was something that kept her positive with everything that is going on.

Downs said, “not only an event to donate and help spread awareness to humane societies but also it brings the community closer together in hard times where we are physically separated.” 

Before the big reveal of the dog mayor, the DECA social media team is posting new activities daily to keep students and their furry friends busy leading up to the big day. Some of the activities include DIY dog treats, DIY cat treats, best tricks, best dressed, and more. To find out more about the event and more information check out All Paws on Deck social media @thepawscause.

Anderson said, “within the first two hours of opening up the voting for dog mayor we already made over $600.”

Voting goes from October 20th to October 30th. The dog mayor will be announced on the first of November.

“These animals survive off of our donations,” Minhas said.

Get your votes in for dog mayor to support the local humane societies!

Camasonian journalists Keilee Siefer and Emma Sanz contributed to this article.

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