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CHS Students React to the Upcoming Election

The 2020 Presidential race is one of the most controversial and most important races in recent history. A select few Camas High School students will have the ability to vote this year in the Presidential Election, while a majority of students are not eligible. Whether students can or cannot vote, it has not stopped them from expressing their views on the election.

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For the first time in their young lives, a group of seniors will be able to vote this year, and they recognize the gravity of the situation and the power of their vote.

CHS Senior Jacob Gray said, “The younger voters should be very important because there’s going to be more youth voting now than ever.”

These younger voters are important because for the first time, they are introducing their political beliefs in a meaningful way and helping the country find the right leaders.

Students have found many ways to express their political beliefs, whether they have the ability to vote or not.

CHS Junior Daniel Lee said, “Students have mainly used social media to voice their opinion but have also participated in protests in Camas, as well.”

Some students seem to be reaching out to their peers to make a change and push for the candidate they support. Lee explained how non-voters have posted on Instagram to donate to political organizations like Black Lives Matter. He is very surprised with the impact young voices have on the election.

The election outcome will have a significant impact on the coronavirus response, too. The parent of a CHS Senior, Brad Bell, said, “This year’s election is going to be very significant in the way this pandemic is going to be handled, and is important for the people to vote on how they want to see public activities handled.”

Camas students join protesters
Courtesy of Luke Dizon.

A mother of CHS alumni and a current CHS student, Brandy Affleck said, “Younger generations are made more aware of political topics and the presidential election, which allows them to experience the process at a much earlier age than ever before in history.”

As a whole, students are using social media as a way to get political information and pass along to others. Also, Affleck brought up that social media may contain a larger amount of propaganda. A way to filter out misleading information is to do deeper research on the topic.

CHS Junior Aiden Murray said, “Students were struck by many of the present-day issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and also many of the movements seen on social media about racial justice.”

Murray explains how students are heavily affected by many of the political conversations that apply to the election.  

 “COVID-19 had affected each and every student, and students seem to be interested in how the issue is addressed by each candidate.” As a whole, he had brought up the idea that many students feel they are going to be impacted by the results of the election,” he said.

For many years to come, this election is going to impact the way the United States is run. It could possibly change the way schools and businesses are going to succeed within the community. CHS students will have had their schooling affected due to the pandemic, and the approach to COVID-19 will differ between the two candidates. It will be important for the Camas community to vote and take action in this year’s election. 

Camasonian journalists Luke Dizon and Christian Lenard contributed to this article.



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