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New to CHS: Carlin Washington

During these tough times, new Camas High School science teacher Carlin Washington has been doing things that make him happy such as going on hikes, going on road trips, kayaking, playing basketball, and spending time with his friends. He advises his students to take this time in quarantine to think of what is really important to them so that they will have something to look forward to once we get back to normal life. 

Washington said that his biggest goal as a teacher is for his students to feel comfortable talking and opening up to him. He teaches forensic science, physical science, and he is also an advisory leader. Washington said that he wanted to become a teacher to carry on the positive experience at CHS that he had when he was a student.

Courtesy of Carlin Washington.

“I really feel like I want to help with young lives because they are the future,” said Washington.

He always loved science and it became his favorite subject in school. He also loves learning about life.

Washington said that he is not too stressed out with being a new teacher during these tough time because his peers have helped him so much, which he is thankful for. He added that even though he is getting used to online learning, he would much rather be doing regular in-person school.

CHS students seem to enjoy Washington as their teacher.

“Mr. Washington being new and all is a very nice and positive minded teacher and I enjoy having him as my forensics teacher,” said CHS senior Andrey Tkachenko.

CHS senior Isaiah Spear added, “Well I think that he’s a pretty chill teacher. He explains most of the work very well and is a good supporter of making sure you understand it.”

Courtesy of Carlin Washington.

Washington longs to see his students in-person again. Along with missing his students, he also made it very clear that he wants them to feel comfortable talking to him and that he is a very relatable person. He has not only taught in Camas but also in Vancouver, Oregon City, and Washougal. 

Camasonian journalists Jacob Warta, Josh Fernando, Ella Iavicoli, and Addie Wunderli contributed to this article.

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