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New Role for Ms. Pitassi

Seanna Pitassi has experienced a full cycle of learning at Camas High School. Prior to her current position as Dean of Students and even before teaching at Camas, she graduated from CHS. Pitassi is well known for her involvement in track and field. She competed at many events and took home several awards during her time as a student. Less than a decade later, Seanna returned to CHS as the head girls coach for track and field.

Pitassi used to teach science at Camas High School. Students believe that her science class positively impacted the community. 

CHS Junior Maggie Shermer said, “I loved her. She was so helpful and understanding last year. I respect her so much.”

“She is genuinely one of my favorite teachers, she’s so nice and also very funny and understanding,” Shermer added. 

Courtesy of Ms. Pitassi.

CHS Senior Bailey Brisbois said, “I think she actually wanted to see us succeed and she always had a positive attitude in class.”

Last spring things were shaken up a little in the CHS administration. CHS Principal Tom Morris was promoted from associate principal to interim-principal. In addition, the Dean of Students at that time, Owen Sanford, became an additional associate principal. This left an open position for Dean of Students at CHS. Pitassi was a suitable applicant for the new position.

Morris said, “Once interviews were complete, we determined that Ms. Pitassi was the best candidate.”

Now Pitassi is not only the Dean of Students, but she also plays a pivotal role on CHS’s safety planning team surrounding COVID-19. 

She does not work with students as much this year, but she still enjoys working alongside the staff and students at CHS.

Pitassi is hoping to see everyone in-person sometime this school year.

Camasonian journalists Isabelle Domenech, Sam Geiger, Zach Gittings, and Aidan Linerud contributed to this article.

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