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Silver Linings: Freshman Edition

Through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, The Camasonian staff would like to share CSD staff and students’ “silver linings”, those things that make quarantine life more bearable as the school year winds down.

These freshmen answered what their silver lining has been, what is one “up side” to quarantine life, and what they miss about CHS:

Freshman Camdyn Segal says: “People get too focused on themselves. They need to take some time to discover new hobbies, repair relationships with family and friends, and just explore themselves in ways you can’t when your schedule is taken over by other things. The disease is ruining our economy, but giving us insight on a possible and doable future where we commute less to our jobs because it can be done from home.¨ She added that there is no upside to this, but she doesn’t have to see people if she doesn’t want to.

Freshman Alex Nalepa has taught himself how to solve a Rubix cube with all the time that’s given. One of the things that he is happy about that has come out of this virus is that he doesn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready for school 5 days a week. But he doesn’t get to have the ongoing social aspect of the school.

Freshman Sam Speer says: “I get to spend a lot of quality time with my family and get closer to my friends.” He also has a lot of time to reflect on the mistakes he’s made and figure out ways to repair them and become a better person, even though he misses seeing his friends on a daily basis.

Freshman Morgan Smit says: This whole thing sucks I can’t think of one good thing that has come out of this.¨  Even though she misses her friends very bad it isn’t all that bad.

Freshman Robert Wilson says he’s glad to not be in school, and the best part of social learning is being by himself because he’s anti-social.

Freshman Lukas Child says he feels “nothing good has come out of the coronavirus” and he misses school I would rather be in school then stuck at home he also states how he misses the lunch lady.

Freshman Brayden Yoes says he enjoys more free time but hates working from home and would rather be at school and he also misses being with his friends.

Freshman James Hannah likes having no school and enjoys working from home but misses participating and playing games in fitness.

Freshman Lucas Fies says: 1. I learned to skateboard 2. There are fewer people riding dirtbikes by my house. 3. I miss being able to wear shoes to school.  

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