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Silver Linings: Senior Edition

Through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, The Camasonian staff would like to share CSD staff and students’ “silver linings”, those things that make quarantine life more bearable as the school year winds down.

CHS Senior Quintin Morgan

Senior Quintin Morgan says:

1. I’ve had ample time to decompress and reflect on my life. This sounds kinda funny especially coming from someone like me, but spending long periods of time in isolation from friends helped me in ways I was not expecting. I not only become more aware of my emotions and thoughts but began to actually grow and improve myself. Through mindfulness, meditation, self-reflection, and exercise I have learned much and improved myself a great deal.
2. I’ll miss my teachers the most. I’m not sure if everyone had had the same experience, but I have been repeatedly granted some of the coolest teachers. It seems every year I have a rocking line up of teachers, all passionate about their subject and interested in seeing their students grow.
Senior Jared King says he misses:
The vibes.

Senior Allie Foulstone says:

CHS Senior Allie Foulstone

1. During this quarantine I have been able to focus on myself. I have a daily routine that I follow which has been my silver lining. I work out everyday and try to eat healthier! Having this steady routine has made me happier during all of this!

2. I will miss my teachers the most. Throughout my 4 years in high school, I have become so close to my teachers and felt like I could trust them with anything! I will miss having that close bond with my teachers that have supported me all these years.
Senior Elizabeth Nilles says she’s been:
1. Running, biking, and hiking!
Senior Olivia Kitts says:
1. Drawing.
2. Having something to do.
Senior Ellie McCarty says:
1. I love to watercolor and run, so I’ve been doing both of those things a lot. Also making sure that I’m communicating with my friends a lot.
2. I miss my senior class. I miss my friends and the anticipation of all the senior events that we were looking forward to as a class. I definitely miss my classmates.

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