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Op-Ed: Senior Memories

CHS Senior Lucas Barbier

High school is a great experience overall, and I truly hope that each and every senior can say the same thing. I really enjoyed the time I spent as a whole at Camas High School, the friends I made, and the teachers I met along the way. I truly feel like I grew as a person and as a student; I learned a lot of skills in all types of aspects of life. However, that is my high school experience as a whole, when it comes to senior year, or the memories of it, that is a different story.

My senior year has been all around the worst school year of my life. To be entirely honest, I hated it. It seems that nearly everything that could have gone wrong, did. Along with that, baseball season is a great time of year. I spend time with new friends that I usually only hang out with or see during baseball season; it’s a fun time and a great stress reliever. This year, that was all taken away; the entire final semester of my high school career was taken away, and I now spend it typing on a computer alone, trying to muster the inner willpower to even do a single assignment, as everything school-related is extremely depressing.

Coronavirus has single-handedly destroyed what was salvageable of my already highly disappointing school year. Not only were school and baseball taken, but I have a one-year-old sister, and for that reason my parents are extremely scared that she will somehow get the virus, so for the first 10 weeks of this quarantine I was allowed to go practically nowhere and see no one, adding to the depressing times. As of now, I am only allowed to leave if I get tested before I come home. So, I leave for weeks at a time and bounce around from different friends’ houses, which is also a big reason I’ve struggled to complete my work, as accessibility to computers has not always been good.

Finally, memories from senior year…I am usually an optimistic person, so from that standpoint, I like to believe that once I’ve made it through this year it will be over, and once I have gotten through this I can get through anything. Basically, if I had to sum up my collection of senior year, it would be in the form of the disappointed sigh you give when you find out your vacation to Phoenix to check out the college you’re going to in the fall has been canceled, the last thing that was providing excitement. I give this example because it happened. I sincerely hope that the juniors of Camas, or anyone else younger than me, get the senior year experience they deserve and hope for.

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