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New Hair, New Me: Quarantine Cuts

Quarantine brings along occasional boredom and may leave people wanting to try new things, like cutting their hair. In fact, a lot  of CHS students have decided to cut and/or dye their hair while quarantining.  

CHS Junior Caitlyn Swacker

Caitlyn Swacker, a junior at Camas High School, is one of the students who cut her hair this quarantine.

Swacker said, “I was super bored and have bad impulse control” so she put her hair in a hair tie and cut half of it off. 

Swacker said she was getting tired of her long hair; once she actually cut it, she regretted it immediately, but now she has grown to like it. 

She said if anyone is thinking about cutting their hair, to do it slowly and work your way up until you get the length you want. For her, cutting it straight off a ponytail left her with uneven hair.

CHS Junior Elsie Ferber “Pre-Bangs”.
Ferber “Post-Bangs”

Elsie Ferber is another junior at CHS who decided to give herself bangs. Before Ferber gave herself bangs she said she “cut some side pieces to frame [her] face.” She actually cut her bangs a few days after that.

Ferber said she decided to cut bangs because she had bangs before but did not really remember what they looked like on her so she gave them another try. When asked if she would have cut her bangs if she were not in quarantine Ferber said, “Eventually, yes because I normally do things to my hair anyway without quarantine like dying and cutting my hair.” 

Ferber did not regret cutting her hair and said “it was super fun and a nice change that I needed because I was bored [with] my hair.” 

If anyone is thinking about cutting their hair during quarantine Ferber says to just do it because normally it is worth it… if you do it right.


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