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Keeping Busy in Quarantine

Quarantine has had a huge effect on many Americans, particularly those stuck inside most hours of the day. With this huge shift in daily routines leaving many feeling disoriented or bored, entertaining hobbies are a good way to regain some semblance of normalcy. Trying new hobbies is also an effective way to stay busy during the empty hours of the day. But trying new hobbies is made harder due to tight household budgets or the closing of most stores. Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive hobbies available for anyone to try. 

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Many people have turned to DIY projects to fill up their free time. These “Do-It-Yourself” projects can range from dyeing and restyling clothing, making accessories, and painting decorations, to large home improvement projects. Plenty of online tutorials are available to spark inspiration and share ideas, and often require little to no spending.

Gardening, cooking, drawing, and photography are also other creative outlets that are easy to start with. There are many resources online for beginners and for those more experienced as well. If you are more interested in self-improvement during self-isolation, exercise and self-care are great ways to stay fit and healthy. 

Some Camas students shared what they have been up to during quarantine. Many have been watching videos or keeping up with assignments. Others have been playing video games, or watching documentaries.

Asia Crook, a CHS junior, has been playing piano and keeping up with her favorite boy band, BTS.

Junior Hannah Nguyen said that she has taken up knitting. “I know, I’m a grandma,” she says.

Painting and drawing seem to be popular amongst many students, though procrastination may be just as popular. 

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Some students have found lesser-known hobbies. One student, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated that she has taken up nailbinding, a fabric creation technique that predates knitting and crochet.

As self-isolation stretches on, with no clear end in sight, hobbies are an important part of your day, as they allow for a break from work, school, or other responsibilities, while also encouraging creativity. But hobbies are not only for filling up time or for a semblance of self-actualization. They can be used to bring people together, bring families closer, and create a sense of community. Fulfillment can be found both through the process of creating something and sharing that experience with another person. These inexpensive activities inspire enjoyment and fun whilst everyone waits for the return to a new normal.

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