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Staff Quarantine Jams: Part 2

The Camasonian staff wanted to know what teachers are listening to music-wise during quarantine, and that took a turn for a more humorous approach… do teachers know (or have anything in common with) what students are watching/listening to/saying? Here are some of their best guesses and answers…

7. What’s your favorite TikTok dance?

“Renegade” – Mrs. Richardson

“Flip the Switch” -Mrs. Loebs

*For the record, the overwhelming majority of teachers responded “I’m not on TikTok.”

8. A lot of new language makes its way to students from artists. In light of that, what do you think “sicko mode” means? *Note — it is school appropriate. Go ahead and give these next few questions your best bet. 🙂

“…it means quarantine life…?  …I don’t know…” -Mr. Bohac

“It’s just when you’ve gone wild. There are no rules. It could be dancing, making music, etc. Note: this is a complete guess and I have resisted the strong urge to look it up on urban dictionary.” -Mrs. Lackland

“That things are going to get crazy” – Mr. Williams

Rapper Travis Scott. Courtesy

“The way I dress for the grocery store.” -Mr. Hicks

“My life as in, “I want to be Widdop when I grow up because she LIVES in sicko mode.” – Ms. Widdop

Really good, lots of positive energy.” – Mr. Jackman

The new “sweet”? A really nice/good job?” – Ms. Crider

9. What does it mean if a student looks at you and says “bet”?

“Nice clothes?” – Ms. Abraham

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” -Mrs. Lackland

“Like “you bet” or like “bet you can’t do this crazy thing” and a friend responds with “bet” like “bet you can’t.” (I learned that from students haha).” – Mrs. Casteel 

“They are incredulous.” -Mr. Hicks

10. What does “cappin'” mean?

“Wearing a cap when you shouldn’t be, like at CHS for example.” -Mrs. Lackland

“No idea. Put a lid on it?”- Mrs. Rusk

“Pretending to be something you aren’t, usually rich.” – Ms. Fisher

“It has to do with penguins.” – Mr. Chessin

“Since Camas kids are using it, I’m assuming it does not have to do with shooting each other?” – Ms. Widdop

“Similar to ‘lit’ or ‘poppin’. Like this party is ‘cappin’??” – Ms. Jones

11. What does it mean if you’re “slimes” with someone?

“I know this one! Homies forever or something like that.” -Mrs. Lackland

“Hooking up” -Mr. Jackman

“Dare I say?” -Mr. Linthwaite

“Your close friend/friend group.” – Mrs. Richardson

“Please tell me that isn’t the new term for kissing. So unattractive.” -Mr. Hicks

12. Who is Cardi B? Do your best to describe her. What do you know about her? Which politician does she affiliate herself with?

“A singer…Trump?” – Ms. Abraham

Rapper Cardi B. Photo Courtesy Calgary Herald.

“I know her from AGT…she was a Spice Girl, right?…I don’t know…Bernie Sanders?” -Mr. Bohac

“I ignore anything I ever see about her” -Mr. Linthwaite

“A musical artist with zero lyrical talent. She has scary fingernails and thinks of herself as a force to be reckoned with. Politically she’d likely fall under “Independent.” – Mr. Jackman

“She is a Hip Hop artist who shares her opinions on social media. She is affiliated with Bernie.” – Mr. Bishop

“I believe she is an R&B star who rides with Bernie.” -Mr. Hicks

13. Did you just or do you intend to Google any of these words or people? Be honest!

“Totally going to Google the slang words. I don’t need to see any more of Cardi B.” – Ms. Widdop

Yes! I’ve never heard those slang words before!” – Ms. Johnson

“Yes, I’m going to check out “sicko mode” right away.” -Ms. Lackland

“Naw, if it’s truly important, I’ll learn it soon enough – slang never dies, but much of it does fade away – can you ken it?” -Mr. Linwaithe

Yes, but I won’t go back and change my answer to keep things honest :)” -Ms. Crider

“I did google Cardi B because I recognized the name but could not remember anything about her!”- Mrs. Pitassi

“No, I find that my lack of cool makes me charming.” -Mr. Hicks

Didn’t need to. I think being around teenagers as an educator and as a coach helps me stay abreast of stuff like this. Also, you gotta know if some kid is talking greasy about you. I do think working with kids helps keep me young.” – Mr. Jones

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