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What’s In Store for Summer 2020?

As the summer of 2020 fast approaches, Camas students and their families are left to wonder how the coronavirus pandemic will reshape their plans.

The stay-at-home order Governor Jay Inslee put in place lasted through May 31, but no further extensions have been made thus far — rather, plans for counties to return to normal in phases are underway. So far, Clark County has not been allowed to progress in the reopening. 

As a result, questions have been raised as to whether high school summer sports practices have been canceled or postponed. “All summer events and camps have been canceled,” Mrs. Johnson, athletic director of CHS confirmed in an email. “There will be no spring or summer practices until August.” 

Camas girls soccer players huddle up pre-coronavirus.

One student confirmed that she heard “summer volleyball practice was canceled.”

Other students have gone on to say that their big trips have been canceled. “My trip to Europe and beach trip with friends [was canceled],” said another student. 

Either way, students are hoping for the best regarding their summer vacations.

Aynsley Bjorge, a freshman at the High School gave her opinion on the matter: “At this point, I’m really just looking forward to spending time with friends and just being able to go outside and have a normal summer,” Aynsley said. 

Aynsley and her family make an annual trip to Montana in the summer to see family, but this year she is not so sure she will get the chance. “I really hope we go through because we go out to a lake and drive four-wheelers and things like that. It’s really fun.”

In hopes that the Coronavirus pandemic will not ruin students’ summer, many are hoping to get back to at least seeing their friends and doing the things that some did before quarantine started.

Photo: Outdoor fun in Camas pre-Coronavirus.

“Due to the stress and entrapment that comes from being inside, I feel like people are going to be doing everything they can this summer; already you see people walking outside or going to the beaches,” Said Amanda Murdock, a CHS sophomore.

Since quarantine has lasted for two months thus far, students are getting anxious to go outside and hang out with their friends as soon as possible.

“People will be so excited and honestly kind of worried about being stuck inside again that they’ll do everything they were missing when they were inside,” Amanda said, “from going to the movies to spending time with friends they couldn’t see.”

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