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Staff Quarantine Jams: Part 1

The Camasonian staff wanted to know what teachers have been listening to during quarantine to keep their focus and their spirits high.

1. Who is your favorite artist?

“Eddie Vedder and Snoop Dogg – Ms. Widdop

Snoop Dogg. Photo Courtesy

“Johnny Cash” – Mr. Bishop

“Beatles!!! Dean Martin for Oldies…Mozart for Classical…Rush for Rock.” -Mrs. Fitzgerald

“According to my Spotify, that’d be Lizzo.” -Mrs. Lackland

“Current top 3: Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Defunk” – Mr. Howell

You can only have one?! Right now, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds” – Mr. Wilde

2. Do you listen to any music that students introduced you to? Any examples come to mind?

Haha, yes actually. I give all the music students recommend a shot. A lot of it is Spanish songs they recommend to me, and then if they’re appropriate, I add them to the playlist we listen to in class.” – Mrs. Rodda

YES! JOSH JUTILA KNOWS MORE ABOUT MUSIC THAN ANYONE AT CHS. I’ve been listening to everything he sends me. I really like Mid-Air Thief and would never have found him if not for Josh.” – Mr. Chessin

Bon Iver” – Mr. Jackman

Medasin, WoodKid, Grandson, and PLÜM” – Mr. Howell

Dante Humble made a playlist for pre-game that I listen to all the time. Lots of different rappers on there.” – Mr. Jones

“Yes, Casting Crowns, Daniel Crowder, MercyMe” – Ms. Crider

3. Have you found any new artists/music since school closed?

Buck Owens. Photo Courtesy Country Music Hall of Fame.

“If we are counting kid’s movie music soundtracks then yes, otherwise no.” – Mrs. Richardson 

“No, I am stuck in a rut–HELP!” -Mrs. Fitzgerald

“Spotify has made some great daily mixes for me, but I’m not really sure of the names. But I’ve basically always got a party mix, a 70s guitar rock mix, 90s rap, and different types of Indie Bluegrass and Vampire Weekend-inspired music.” -Mrs. Lackland

Tons. I’ve been learning country guitar. Buck Owens: Tiger By The Tail” – Mr. Chessin

Raleigh Ritchie and Dustin Tebbutt” -Ms. Jones

4. Have you watched any concerts or music documentaries since school closed?

“Foo Fighters and Beastie Boys Documentary”- Mrs. Warta 

“My family and I have participated in two Disney sing-alongs.” -Mrs. Lackland

“So many DJ live streams! So, yes!” – Mr. Howell

“Is ‘Tiger King’ considered a music documentary? – Mr. Wilde

Yes I watched a great one on The Band called Once Were Brothers.” – Mr. Jones

Do the Voice and Masked Singer count lol” – Ms. Fischer

5. What would you consider to be your quarantine jam?

Adele. Photo Courtesy Just Jared.

Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore” – Mr. Jackman

“Oh, it varies…no one song.” -Mr. Bohac

Adele Radio on My Amazon dot” – Ms. Crider

“I have two right now that I have been going between: “The Times They Are a-Changin'” by Tracy Chapman & “Feeling Good” Avicii.” – Mrs. Richardson

Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa and Say So by Doja Cat” – Ms. Jones

6. Have you listened to any interesting podcasts since school closed?

Yes! I love ghost stories so Spooked! and then some theology ones like The Deconstructionists.” – Mrs. Casteel

“I feel like as I’ve gotten older that’s all I listen to is podcasts. Lots of Joe Rogan, any number of sports-related pods, How Did This Get Made, a number of different True Crime pods.” – Mr. Jones

Stayed tuned for the more hilarious part 2 of this special short series…

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