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Silver Lining: Nilles

What has been your silver lining personally during this quarantine time?

  • More family time. My senior is graduating and this time has allowed us to slow down and have a bunch of unexpected family time that is usually eaten up by a ton of activities.
  • I have had time for personal projects and hobbies (and so many of my hobbies that have always seemed antiquated—sewing, baking, food preserving—are suddenly in vogue!)
  • I jumped on the sourdough bread train, which I’ve actually been looking to do for a long time.

What has been your silver lining professionally during quarantine?

  • I’ve had time to learn and use technological tools I’ve wanted to explore, but never had the time to do.
  • More one on one time wth students and getting to know them better in ways I wouldn’t ever get to know them at school.
  • Having time to slow down and eat lunch without working; seriously, this can’t be overrated.
  • Every day is take your pet to work day.

What do you miss most about being at CHS?

  • Seeing my students in person every day. I miss their personalities, teaching each class, and sitting next to them problem solving. I miss what I learn from them.
  • I miss seeing my colleagues in person so so much!!
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In addition to advising the Camasonian program, Ms. Gooding teaches sophomore English at Camas High School. Her background prior to teaching is in journalism. She worked as a television news producer in southern California, as well as in the Portland area at KGW and KATU, and as a professional writer in Portland. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her daughters, Gwen and Greta.

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