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Quarantine Playlist: What CHS Students Are Listening To

During these trying times, most of the world is stuck at home and seeking something to do. For students at Camas High School, music is a popular outlet. Camasonian staff asked students what they are listening to.

What’s your favorite song? Sophomore Savannah Stephens said, “As of right now it’s Let’s Do it Again by J Boog.”

What are you listening to right now? Freshmen Lisel Shyam: “Way down hadestown (reprise) from hadestown the musical.”

 If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Junior Noah Bermejo: “Stairway to Heaven By Led Zeppelin.”

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Have you watched an online concert during quarantine? If so, what artist? Senior Alexzander Samodurov: “Yes. I watched the Pulse concert from 1994 by Pink Floyd.”

What music do you listen to that keeps your spirits up? Sophomore Nicholas Sandoval: “Literally any song that doesn’t have hate or negativity in it; in other words, songs with a deeper meaning.”

Best study music? Sophomore Max Korenev: “Classical Music.”

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What is some good new music you’ve found lately? Sophomore Maggie Shermer: “Kris Orlowski from Seattle.”

What musician would you like to see perform live in concert someday? Michael Buehler: “Travis Scott Atrso World Or Kanye West but only if it’s Kanye’s old songs because his new songs are him just him thinking he’s an actual god.”

What genre of music do you prefer? Sophomore Lily Walsh: “Pop, Indie, Rock.”

Best album? Sophomore Blake Adair: “2 – Mac Demarco.”

What is your favorite song? Sophomore Caralyne Carlson: “Bang! – AJR.”

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