Camas Features Local Students of CHS

The Bachelor: Camas Style

Camas seniors Clayton Lukens and Jack Gibson created a Camas-centered version of the popular show “The Bachelor.” On February 17th, the channel “Papermaker Matchmaker” uploaded its first episode.

The show imitates the form of the original with one bachelor who is looking for love among a group of candidates.

“Our math teacher Mrs. Boring loves The Bachelor, so we thought it’d be hilarious if there was a Camas Bachelor. She said that was not a great idea and that we wouldn’t go through with it,” Lukens said. 

Although the show is not affiliated with CHS or any of its staff, all of the actors on the show are students at CHS.

“We started out by doing a photoshoot with our bachelor, Luke Jamison, with a rose. We made a promo video and a google form for contestants to apply. Then we put it all up on an Instagram and just started following people. We got a good amount of girls to apply and chose our final six,” said Lukens.

All of the footage is filmed by Lukens and Gibson at the Bachelor’s home.

“We film the show at Luke’s house. He has this beautiful home that works perfectly for the kind of vibe we wanted. We use a lot of old camera equipment I had from when I was really into making YouTube videos in middle school,” said Lukens.

The show has garnered large amounts of attention in the week since its conception with the first episode reaching almost 4000 views and the channel itself gaining 521 subscribers. “People have loved it way more than expected. Teachers stop us all the time to talk about it. One of our contestants got recognized at her gym for it the other day. Another contestant got recognized at Big Al’s while we were filming an episode. We are super pleased with the reception and are glad people are enjoying it,” said Lukens.

Lukens and Gibson also commented on their plans for a season two once they finish filming and producing the first season.

“We have talked about Season Two quite a bit, but don’t have anything officially set in stone. We just want to focus on making Season One the best it can be at the moment.”

Students can check out the episodes on the Papermaker Matchmaker youtube channel where they have the option to “Subscribe for new episodes.”

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