Hiring Process for The New Principal Begins

As of February 10, Associate Principal Tom Morris is stepping in as a temporary principal until the school board finds a new principal.


The School Board is looking to fill the Principal’s position after Principal Dr. Liza Sejkora resigned on February 7 as a result of her post on social media about Kobe Bryant’s death. Her post-produced fear and debate throughout the community, and even nationwide. Threats to the school and a false-alarm lockdown was the tipping point that relieved Sejkora as principal.


As for the hiring process for the new principal, “We [The School Board] will be posting the position in March, with a process that will take place in May,” According to Camas School District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Snell.


The position is open to any existing staff members and anyone who isn’t currently an employee at Camas.


Mr. Morris says, “It’s too early to say,” whether he will be a contender himself.

Being a principal requires lots of hard work and dedication. 

Dr. Snell says, “We want someone who has experience as a teacher and administrator, someone who is a good listener and wants to be involved at Camas High School and our community.”

“It’s important to me that the principal has the ability to bring people together and provide a unifying vision.”

Snell thinks everyone including, students and staff should be asked what qualities they’re looking for in the new principal.

“I hope that they are trustworthy and nice, and actually goes around to the classes and interacts with the kids,” said Camas High School student, Lily Weather. 

Another Camas High student, Nora Melcher, agreed that the new principal should be “kind, responsible and engaged with the students.”

“Strong leadership, someone who is going to listen to the voice of the teachers….and I think we need someone who’s going to have more of relationship with students and staff,” said CHS math teacher, Alisa Wise when asked what qualities she hopes the new principal will have.

 “support teachers and students in learning and doing everything they can that’s good for our school,” shared CHS librarian Tonia Albert about what she thinks the new principal should do.

According to Snell, Camas High School should expect to see a new principal by the end of May.

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