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IAA Program Cut

On February 18, Camas School District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Charlene Williams announced in an email that CHS is canceling the Integrated Arts and Academics program.

The six-year-old program is being canceled due to low enrollment, as well as a lack of funding and staff availability. Many IAA students are expressing sadness following the abrupt news.

“It’s disappointing. I really would’ve liked to spend more years [in the program], because I’ve only spent one year,” said a first-year IAA student.

The program had a large impact on students, as they spent four years on a block schedule with the same students.

“For some people, IAA is the only place they feel safe,” said an IAA senior. “That really sucks… I feel bad.”

Already, the IAA community is working together on a petition to keep the program. Some students even created and distributed buttons that read, “IAA is not seen nor heard” in an effort to raise awareness, as many students are unaware of the program.

“I don’t really know what IAA is; I only started hearing about it yesterday because some of my friends were talking about it,” said a CHS student.

Another added, “What even is IAA? I’ve never heard of it or seen it.”

Students in the IAA program employ different visual and performing arts tactics to deepen their understanding of core classes, along with a project-based curriculum.

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