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Which is More Disruptive: Phones or Drawing/Reading?

In the classroom, phones are a known disruption to the learning of students, but what about reading and drawing? Students and staff share their opinions.

“I do find that many of my students are distracted by their phones,” said English teacher Mr. Hicks.

He said students use phones to avoid a task rather than overcome the challenge. Likewise, his opinion on reading and doodling is very similar. 

“I learned my lesson about letting students borrow books from me,” he said.

He said they use it as a distraction from their assignment at hand, much like a phone. As for drawing, if a student is doodling to help them remember certain concepts, it is encouraged. However, if it is a form of escapism, it is prohibited. In Mr. Hicks’ opinion, they are equally distracting.

On the other hand, Freshman Kiara Hansen enjoys being able to draw during class.

“I have a hard time focusing during class, and sometimes will get very stressed. So, I have decided that the most helpful and least distracting thing to do is draw,” she said.

She explained she knows it can be very distracting for some people, but for her, it really helps.

In classes where drawing is not permitted “I will end up zoning off instead,” she said.

Most teachers allow and encourage her drawing, so she is generally pretty focused. She wished teachers understood that drawing really does help some students focus.

Some people doodle when they take notes and that actually helps them learn, like Hansen. On the other hand, teachers agree phones are a distraction.

“For the most part, phones are a distraction,” said math teacher Mrs. Carolyn Caroll.

As for drawing or reading, she has no problem with that.

Mrs. Caroll said students should not be on their phones anyway, just like a teacher should not be on their phone.

Ultimately, people generally agree phones are more distracting than drawing and reading. In many ways, drawing can be helpful, while phones are in more ways a distraction and a disruption to the class. 

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