Students React to Sejkora News

CHS Principal Dr. Liza Sejkora

Over the course of the week, Camas High School students have voiced their opinions about the current state of the school after a controversial post by Principal Dr. Liza Sejkora thrust CHS into the national spotlight. For several days, students, even the entire Camas community, have been witnessing the fallout.

Camas School District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Snell is set to announce whether or not Sejkora will remain the Principal on Friday afternoon.

Not all students are in favor of Sejkora keeping her position. An anonymous student said, “It’ll be difficult for her to come back. If it were me I’d resign,. “Senior Matt Ohnstad said, “I think it’s a good idea that she’s gone with the threats, but I think that it should be indefinitely.”

In response to Sejkora’s post, a student-led walkout took place on Thursday, in which students left class for five minutes in remembrance of the victims of the helicopter crash that took the life of Kobe Bryant and his daughter. Junior Taguen Smith said, “We should all learn from this. The walkout is childish, and life is going to go back to normal Monday or Tuesday,” about the tribute to Kobe. Other students were more concerned about the media coverage of the school with Senior Blake Asciutto saying, “It could take a while for things to get normal again. It’s an awkward situation, especially with CNN talking about it.”

Some of the students have been more defensive of Sejkora and her post. “I don’t feel like it’s okay that the backlash is so extreme or that there are threats to the principal just because of a Facebook post,” said Junior Ben Lincoln. Another anonymous student said, “I definitely feel like this isn’t worth losing a job over.”

Other students are content with the leave Sejkora has taken, like Freshman Tommy Hatch who said, “She should have never said that. It wasn’t worth walking out of classes, and we should just honor all the people who lost their lives in the tragic accident.”

The Camasonian staff will continue to update this developing story.

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