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Op-Ed: Clothing Expression at CHS

Many students at Camas have developed their own personal styles, whether that be chains and fishnets or big t-shirts and Vans. People feel more comfortable expressing themselves now than they ever have before. 

“It’s a way to tell the world who you are,” said senior Chloe Higgins.

Nobody wants to wear something they feel self-conscious in, and it’s great at Camas High School is so accepting of different styles.

A trend rising among teens in the past few years is shopping at thrift stores and then flipping the items by sewing and/or cutting them. It’s an environmentally and wallet-friendly way to create new, unique pieces. Some go as far as to create jewelry and other accessories. 

“Half of my clothes are from Goodwill,” says senior Athena DeWitt. “It’s great when you’re trying to lay off fast fashion and you’re broke.” 

Some alter their clothing due to sizing reasons or for art. 

“This thing I want is either a ridiculously expensive, or this thing doesn’t fit me properly,” Athena explains her reasons for altering her clothing. Athena describes her need to alter clothing as a way to uphold an aesthetic, while Chloe loves the artistic aspect of it.

 “I do believe it is an art form,” Chloe said.

Fashion has become a source of confidence for many and means as much as a painting to a painter, but it can be hard to stand out. 

“On the baseline, I look into the mirror and I’m like wow that looks really cool, I like this, but then I get worried what other people will think about that,” said Higgins. “It’s like a personal growth thing.” 

It’s easy to get lost in what others say, but Chloe believes everyone should wear what they want to. 

“I get so confused when people don’t develop their own personal style, because it’s so freeing,” she said.

Freedom of expression is vital for developing teens, and altering clothes is the next fad. Teens need an outlet, and here’s a cost and environmentally effective option to make art. 

“I think It’s really important for kids our age to have an outlet to be individuals,” Higgins said.

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