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The Awards of Notre Dame

This year, the Camas High School Drama Department’s production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame got nominated for 6 categories and got 2 honorable mentions. The award ceremony just took place on Monday, June 3rd at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle. Skylar Derthick was the winner in the category of outstanding performance by an actor in a supporting role, for his performance as Clopin. The makeup crew won outstanding makeup and hair design.

With how many obstacles the cast and crew went through during the rehearsal and performance processes, they definitely deserved these nominations and awards. Kaya Gaultney, a sophomore at Camas High School, and a part of the Hunchback makeup crew mentions, “I just think it was a really great performance overall and everything was great. They really nitpicked a lot of things because they really want to make sure it was completely and utterly perfect, and for most of the nights, it was. Until everyone got sick, but we still made it work.”

Skylar Derthick performing in Hunchback as Clopin.

The second show that the people from 5th Avenue came to was the Friday night show of the closing weekend, which was the show where many members of the cast and crew had the flu or were just getting over having the flu. Even with this setback, the cast and crew worked harder than ever to make it work, even with missing cast members. They had other cast members step in for the missing ones, and made it work. Even though it wasn’t their best performance, it was better than expected given the circumstances. All of their hard work shows that they definitely deserved all of the nominations and awards that they got.

All of the cast crew were extremely excited when they heard the news that they had won in two categories. Even those who were not at the ceremony still found a way to hear about the awards and what they had won right when it was announced. Gaultney explains, “I was in the middle of a tennis game actually, and I saw my watch and Ingrid had texted me that we had won, and I was so excited and kind of shocked, because this is my first year doing it and it was really difficult some days, but it was really fun. I was really excited about winning.” The whole cast and crew were ecstatic to hear that both the makeup and crew and Skylar Derthick won in their categories. They all agree that both of these awards were very well deserved.     

The entire drama department is very excited for next year’s shows and hopes that they are able to produce a show as amazing as this year’s. They are hoping that they can improve upon the things that they need to and get as many if not more nominations and winnings. With all the hard work that the drama department puts into their productions, they will most definitely be able to accomplish this. Gaultney comments, “Hunchback was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve had so far and I’m so ready to do it next year. All the actors and actresses were absolutely amazing.”

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