Camas School

Senior Traditions

The last year of high school can be a drag but having days to spend time with family and friends can help the insanity of boredom. This is why the students and staff of Camas High School work hard to create lasting events for the seniors and their family. “The purpose of these events is to celebrate your students making it through the Camas school district together because we understand that it’s not just the kids that are graduating. That they have had so much support from their family all along so we just try to create some special occasions for them to spend time together,” explains Brandy Reed.

Courtesy. Maya Lester

These traditions have been going on for many years and the senior mother tea and father breakfast are events that “gives us a chance to show our parents our appreciation,” says Senior Victoria Jonason. “What I enjoy is just seeing our students honor the people who have helped them,” says Tim Fox. Everyone has their own meaning behind these events. To some, it is a way “To have us remember and to be grateful,” says Jonason. To others, “They seem like ways to keeping yourself from not going crazy when you are doing nothing at the end of the school year,” states Sophomore Lizzy Caulfield.

The process of planning these events takes a lot of time. “We start organizing those in January,” states Reed. There are so many people involved in the making of these events. The “ students do all the work but you have so many people who help with it: Mrs. Reed…Mr. Anderson…Mr. Swacker, our custodians, there are so many people who are instrumental in making these things happen,” says Fox. All these people help create these events and “all of the senior events are organized through our leadership and ASB class officers,” states Reed. Senior traditions have been a big part of Camas for so long and these events mean so much to everyone involved. “Oftentimes they’re the unsung heroes because they are behind the scenes doing all this work, where sometimes I get a little to much credit,” says Mr. Fox.

The lasting memories these events create for the seniors and their families are cherished by all. For the future seniors, these events will be just as memorable and dear to them as it has been for senior for over thirty years.

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