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Teacher and Student Communication

Over the years, communication between the Camas High School students and their teachers has changed drastically. New group chat apps have unlocked many new ways that students are communicating with their teachers. 

Also, Students and staff shared thoughts about there being enough forms of communication for teachers and students. Teachers play a large role in the amount of communication that happens between them and their students.

Ali Coker Biology and Forensics teacher said, ”Some students don’t have cell phones or smartphones, so sometimes the texting program doesn’t work well for those people. I think there should be some way for students to communicate safety concerns or bullying to admin or counselors anonymously if they so choose. I know there are some programs like “text a tip” that could be helpful for students.”

Math teacher Mr. Bohac said, ”Yes, I do more than enough.”

Students also weighed expressed their thoughts on the current forms of communication.

CHS Sophomore Christian Lenard said,”I think there should be a social media aspect to classes because a majority of students at CHS have that aspect on their smartphones.”

CHS Sophomore Blake Bell said,”There is more than enough resources for students to communicate with their teachers and vice versa.”

CHS teachers shared how they contact students over the summer.  

Bohac says, “I personally have not done this in the past. I think it is possible through Skyward once classes are entered into the system.  I could also use Skyward to email individual students or families, I suppose.”

 Coker said, ”I don’t communicate with students during the summer.”

Some students make sure they start communicating with teachers around the end of July. While others made clear that there is no motivation whatsoever to do so.

Junior Caden Koranda says, ”I start communicating with my teachers around the end of July just to kind of get a read on what we are doing for the upcoming school year.”

Freshman Michael Windom said, ”There is no motivation to communicate with any teachers over the break. it’s called a summer break for a reason right?”

Some students and staff would say there are definitely not enough resources for communication, while others would say that the outlets for communication have already exceeded anyone’s expectations. All in all, there has been for sure growth in communication between students and teachers; however, CHS expects this growth to extend into the future to better the opportunities of learning.

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