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Often when people think about whom they would consider as an idol, they think about very powerful or well-known people, Most of the time, their idols are people they have never even met before. People tend to want to look up to or strive to be people that society perceives as powerful. However, some of the more powerful or well-known people that are looked up to do not always have the best ideals, verbal compassion towards others, or the desire to share their wealth and knowledge.

On the other hand, the teachers here at CHS are kind to all, care about others, and wish to share their expertise with anyone they come into contact with. After all, teachers are not just here to teach students about math history, and science, they are also here to teach students valuable life skills. Sophomore Emma Sanz commented,
“I like when they [teachers] care more about you learning what they’re teaching and not just if you can get the project in on time or what grades you get on tests. They actually care and want you to do well.”

Mark Tomasetti, a teacher here at CHS, stated, “I think a teacher needs to be passionate about what they are teaching, to continually learn about their subject. Organization is key – you need to be able to plan out your year, and maintain some routines so that the students know what to expect – there should be no surprises.” Most of the time, teachers do not want to cause stress to students or surprise them with unexpected deadlines. That said they do want to see students succeed. When asked why he thought the students selected him as a favorite teacher Tomasetti stated, “I’m not really sure. I have a reputation of being rather demanding and setting a high bar… I think my passion for history shows through, and my classes tend to be rather high energy and intense.” By expressing his passion for the subject regularly, he was able to get his students just as interested in the issue even if it was not their favorite at the beginning of the year.

CHS Teacher-of-the-Year Matt Loop.

Another well-known teacher at CHS is Matt Loop, this year’s teacher-of-the-year, who will deliver a speech at graduation. He theorizes being well-liked is because of his willingness to listen to the students. “I try to talk to each person every day. Sometimes it’s a short conversation, but often times it leads into longer, in-depth communication. I feel like school and education are easier if we see each other as real people, not just figureheads or numbers in a seat.” By treating students as genuine people, he can have a deeper connection with the students and the students, in turn, trust and respect him. Another quality that makes Loop stand out is his goal setting for the students “My goals are to make sure students enjoy English and respect the life lessons each person learns through reading, writing and speaking.” All teachers want students to learn the subject they are teaching, but not all are as worried about how the student is learning it. People often associate things they have learned with where they first came about the information. By having an enjoyable learning environment can make students come to enjoy a seemingly undesirable subject.

When teachers are passionate about a subject and want to spark that same interest in students, it shows. Teachers might not always be labeled as idols, powerful, or well known, but with the right amounts of care, passion, and set goals, a teacher can become more critical than any idol that a student has. Teachers do not always get the credit they deserve. After all, it never hurts to say… thank you!

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