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Op-Ed: Pet Peeves at CHS

Pet peeves: everyone has them, some more than others. One of those others is me, Brooke Craft. A little about me — I am 17 years old, and my hobbies include gymnastics, hanging with friends, and talking. Now, I think I am a pretty nice person, but I can be pretty opinionated, and I have something to say about EVERYTHING.  With that, here are a few of my pet peeves that occur during the school day, that I am sure most students could agree with.


Author: Junior Brooke Craft.

My biggest pet peeve here at school is when people stand and talk in the middle of the hall. Like, what is so important that you feel the need to block people just trying to go about their day? All I want is to get to my class and get the day moving, but then I have all these people chatting it up, and they are in my way. I say, “Excuse me, please move,” and what do I get? Absolutely nothing. So, I have to shove, and no one likes to push people. The halls would not be so crowded if people would just stand somewhere that is not in the way of literally everyone trying to walk. Now I know there are a lot of people who do this, so if you could just try and stand elsewhere, that would make people’s day much easier. I am not alone here. “It’s really annoying because my classes are on the opposite sides of the school, and if I don’t get there in time I can get in trouble,” agrees freshman Sierra Craft


Another big one would have to be when people stick their gum under the desks and chairs. Like, I do not understand what makes people think that that is a sensible thing to do. There are garbage cans all over the school that people could throw it away in. But no, people decide it is much more convenient to stick it under the desks. Now I understand that we as teenagers are lazy and do not make the best decisions, but putting nasty slobbery ABC gum where I would like to sit is just disgusting and rude. How would you like to be the one to clean that up? If you are that lazy to throw it away, at that point just swallow it or something. I do not understand what could be going through someone’s mind when they do that. Sophomore Lily Nielsen says, “I always go to pull into the table, and I touch someone’s gum, and it is so disgusting!” So if everyone could please just get up and throw it away like a civil human being, I would very much appreciate that. 

Now here’s one that I think everyone can agree on. The drinking fountains are for DRINKING, they are not a place to put gum or food. Again with the gum thing –just throw it away, do not put it where I am putting my mouth to get water. I would like to enjoy a nice sip of water, but instead I get nothing because I go up, and I do not want to look at some nasty soggy food where I am putting my face.  So people of CHS, please have the decency and respect to use a trash can. Yes, we have custodians, but their job is to clean up the school, not to clean up after gross teenagers who think it is funny to put things where they clearly do not belong.

Another pet peeve is when people are tapping on things during class. When I am trying to learn or have a conversation with someone, the last thing I need is someone tapping repeatedly for no reason other than to make an annoying noise. Now, I understand students get bored in class or whatever, but there is no need to make everyone else suffer because you do not know what to do. It is not that hard to sit still for a few minutes and be silent. So please tap on your pants if it is very necessary for you to be tapping at all; just be silent with it.  

Also — broken chairs. Girls in shorts and dresses. Enough said.

Those are just a few off the top of my head, but there are many more I have, and I am sure all students have. Feel free to share some of your pet peeves in the comments, and see if you relate to anyone else. And happy summer!


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