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What is the Deal With Senior Skip Day?

Every year near graduation at Camas High School, along with many other American high schools, that year’s senior class is able to skip school. This year senior skip day occurred on Friday the 24th. “It’s the one senior event that’s really for the seniors, by the seniors,” says Monica Chang, a senior at Camas High School.

The date of senior skip day this year.

Senior skip day is the one day a year that seniors are able to skip school without consequences. It is a day that was created by the seniors as a way to recognize that they are almost done with their high school years. Parents do still have to call in to the school, so the absence is excused, but it is a day of fun for the seniors. Chang comments, “The point is to celebrate the fact that collectively, we can do something a little rebellious with the power of numbers to celebrate the fact that we’re almost done.” This day is also meant as a day off for seniors before they graduate and are officially done with high school.

During senior skip day, seniors do a variety of activities throughout the day to celebrate. One of the big things that all of the seniors do and appreciate during senior skip day is getting to sleep in. Other than sleeping in, seniors are able to do things including hang out with friends, go to parties, and go to the beach. Still, other seniors prefer to just spend the day at home relaxing.

This event was created by the seniors themselves, and it is one of the big events that many of them look forward to. Erin O’Day, a senior at CHS, mentions, “My favorite part of senior skip day was being able to relax and give myself a break and an extra long weekend after cramming for my senior board presentation, and to mentally prepare for what’s to come.” The freedom to just relax and not worry about any school related work or activities for at least a day is a big reason why this tradition is such a popular one.

Senior skip day is a very important tradition for all seniors as a way to show that they are almost done with high school and are soon moving on on to new and exciting things in their life. This tradition has been around for many years, and is going to stay around for many years more. O’Day comments, “I think it has stayed a tradition to honor seniors and to celebrate being a senior and making it so far.”

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