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Boy’s Summer Basketball Changes

When the weather begins to heat up, Camas High School students and staff start to plan for summer vacation, but also for the upcoming basketball events. CHS Basketball coaches and student-athletes shared their thoughts on the changes that have occurred and the possibility of there being two varsity basketball squads.

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The CHS program reflected on the idea of losing so many key seniors from the 2019 class.

CHS Head Varsity Basketball coach Ryan Josephson said, ”There are no positives in losing so many seniors. Not only were they talented and contributed to a huge amount of our team’s production last season but they were also leaders in the locker room.”

Josephson added, “Last year’s seniors were a great group of young men and the program will miss them.”

Student-athletes also shared opinions on losing many key seniors.

CHS Sophomore Blake Bell said, ”You cannot really make up for an Isaiah Sampson rebound or a Carson Bonine game-winner; however, we have some different weapons coming up in the new generations.”

CHS Sophomore Christian Lenard also elaborated on the loss of seniors, saying that of course it is a major loss, however we need to build upon strengths of the younger generations now.

For students and staff who are unaware of the historic changes in the summer basketball program, players and coaches will give insight to the adjustments made this summer.

Coach Josephson elaborated on one of the biggest changes so far, which is having five teams to participate in.

Josephson said, ”We are organizing five teams to participate in our busiest summer yet!”

Players also shared opinions on the expanding of the teams.

CHS Sophomore Blake Bell said, ”I really enjoy the idea of having many teams giving time during the summer for players to grow prior to the winter season, where every play matters.” Bell also shared that having two varsity teams is a concept he really enjoys.

Players and coaches of the basketball program shared the goals for the upcoming season.

Josephson said, ”Summer basketball is practically a second basketball season, but it’s unique because it is more focused on development. We want to give the players a chance to grow and succeed in different environments for the players. This is also a great time for bonding because the varsity team will have a lot of new faces and it makes a great opportunity to do so.”

Lenard said, ”I love playing summer basketball because it allows the team and I to bond and simply have a great time, but also prep for a competitive league season coming up.”

All in all, there are many changes in the boys’ basketball program, and adapting will be the key for the team while looking to prepare for a competitive league in the winter.

”Even a loss in the summer is good feedback for how we can continue to improve,” said Josephson. 

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