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The Final Stretch

The school year is nearing its end, and with the final weeks comes a lot of work. Some students may be fading and they are just trying to make it through the rest of the year.

Keep those grades up. Courtesy. Maya Lester

With all the work, students may feel overwhelmed and just give up. With less than two months of school left, students are so close to summer and distractions are going to get in the way of their homework. Sophomore Janelle Heath states, “ For the rest of the year, my schedule is mostly the same as before which is busy and difficult, but I’ve grown accustomed to it.” Heath elaborates, “The workload is pretty even, but the work is harder and more challenging.and the drive to complete the homework fades over time. The planning of what the students will do in the summertime is at the forefront of their minds and so is the last day of school. Math teacher Lori Leighton believes, “we are a lot like you guys. The weather is getting good, and then for me, it’s hard because more people are giving up.”

What students don’t know is “six weeks is a long time to make or break your grade,” says Mrs. Leighton. The last push toward the end is always the hardest because so many students just do not care as much anymore during the last few weeks of school. If students are struggling with grades, “There’s a lot that goes a long way with teachers if you go in and get some help because, at the end of the day, the teacher is going to work with you if you’re trying” claims Mrs. Leighton.

Everyone wants to give up sometimes, but Heath says, “For the rest of school, try to enjoy it while you can. Once you graduate, it’s off to college or university and then adulthood. Enjoy what you have.” Even though the end of the years seems so close yet so far, it is important to remember to push forward. The teachers are also looking forward to summer and getting these last few weeks over with. The most important thing about the last few weeks is it can define the student’s grades. Some students may have good grades right now, but if they give up now, their grades will slip through the cracks even though six weeks does not seem like much. AP biology teacher Brianna Abraham says, “it’s difficult, but you’ve got to finish strong, just like you started.”

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