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Spring Sports: A Wrap Up

As spring comes to an end, Camas High School students and staff start looking forward to summer, but also the wrapping up of CHS spring sports. The 2019 season has been all-around very promising for CHS sports fanatics, athletes, and coaches. 

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Student-athletes and coaches reflect on some of the biggest moments, outstanding sportsmanship, and some of the greatest plays of the 2019 spring sports season.

CHS Varsity baseball player Cangen Smith went into great detail talking about one of his favorite moments from this past baseball season.

He said, “One of my favorite moments from this past season was when we beat Union. Many spectators thought we didn’t stand a chance, however, we came away with the victory 8-1.”

Smith also elaborated on how the opposing team was so shocked at what had just transpired after the game.

CHS Varsity Baseball Coach Jake Short touched on how the team had to overcome a lot of different adversity throughout the season.

Some student fans of the varsity baseball team showed admiration for the unexpected success of the team.

CHS Freshman Michael Windom said, “I really appreciate the amount of work the team had to put in to overcome all the adversity.”

There were many events that had taken place that involved outstanding stats and scores that took place this spring. One of these events was the Girl’s tennis.

The team has had a really great season this year going 5-1 in the league and 7-4 in overall play. However, the girls are still yet to play a very good Union team that currently sits at 8-1 overall through very impressive net play and great serving.

Another event that has taken place this spring was the wonderful play of the Camas boys’ soccer team, the boys finished the regular season 8-5-3 and are headed into districts after a tough grudge match against a really sound Skyview storm.

CHS Varsity Soccer Player Luke Davidson said, “We will work our butts off and train and fix what happened there.”

The last event that stuck out to many is when the Camas baseball team clinched a 4A GSHL crown when the team overcame the Union Titan with a final score of 4-3. Winning is very important, especially at this level, but it is not everything. Developing players and turning them into great young men and women is just as important.

Coach Macaya feels that one of his biggest responsibilities as a coach is to help in the development of his players on and off the field, as athletes, and as people.

Short said, “I enjoy helping players developmentally and physically, bringing together a group of individuals to focus on one common goal.”

Smith shared his thoughts on the culture of the baseball team.

He said, “The culture of the team is very sound; we mostly always all agree on things and butting heads isn’t anything we need to worry about. I believe most of the positive attitude is reflected off of coach Short’s positive demeanor.”

The hard work CHS athletes put into the 2019 spring sports season really paid off. Listen to the bulletin, go to the athletic office, or check online to find the various game times and results for the upcoming events for the possible postseason events in the sports you desire!

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