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Fashion Expression

Fashion these days has started to become more important to students due to new brands coming out and new style icons emerging. Some notable people that students these days have taken interest in are Billie Eilish, with her style being baggy and tomboyish, as well as BTS, a South Korean boy-band with expensive and experimental clothing, taking over the media. Brands that have emerged in the last few years are Gucci, Chanel, and Supreme. While a lot of students do not buy this clothing due to their expensive prices, many students see those brands as fashionable and trendy.

Karli Linne rocking some retro fashion. Courtesy. Madrienne Anderson

Some huge clothing trends that have taken off again in these last years are halter tops, acrylic nails, fake glasses, joggers, mom jeans, and chokers. These trends usually focus on comebacks from either the 80s or the 90s. The retro style, neon colors and checkered prints have started to appear on many teens’ clothing. Students through the years have started to take these trends and add them to their own closet. They do this to show they are on top of trends and media itself.

While some enjoy these comeback trends, others feel they are overrated: “Birkenstocks look like Jesus sandals.” Kaeli Daniels, a junior, states.

Some students even feel that some trends are uncomfortable looking: “If a younger teen is wearing a crop top and booty shorts, it’s really weird,” Natalie Johnson, another junior, explains.

For people at school who spend time on clothing that coordinates together, they do it because they want to show off to their peers, sometimes going so far as to buy a new closet to express their new style to other students and friends.

However, other people who wear any clothing found in the closet do it because they just feel like it takes too much time to create a stylish outfit. “My fashion isn’t super prominent; I don’t dress up because then I don’t have to get up early” Daniels explains.

Students, in general, have started to take their fashion and turned it into something that expresses themselves. Some may dress with the Instagram trends to show their friends and followers that they are fashionable, while some dress in fancier clothing to show they’re more mature.

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