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As the school year starts to come to an end, Camas High School students and staff recap some of their most memorable moments made on campus. Everyone knows how stressed students get towards the end of the year, however, many often wonder: do the teachers also get stressed towards the end of the school year?

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Teachers recapped the year and shared times they felt the most appreciated at Camas High school.

CHS Math teacher Adrian Cortes said, “I feel very appreciated by the students within my SIS program and students in other classrooms. I also feel very appreciated and supported by the staff of Camas High School.”

Cortes also elaborated on the family-like feeling CHS staff and students provide.

CHS Math teacher Alan Bohac said, “Overall, I find Camas students to be extremely polite and appreciative.  Students often say thank you on their way out the door. That’s pretty cool.”

Bohac added, “I love our staff and am thankful for them.  They are part of what makes my job so enjoyable. I definitely feel like they appreciate me, and the feeling is mutual.”

Students play a big role in what makes a teacher feel appreciated. Some students shared some things to they do to make the teacher feel appreciated.

CHS Sophomore Blake Bell said, “Sometimes I give my teachers a gift bag or something small at the end of the semester or year, just to show some appreciation for what they do.”

Other students show satisfaction in forms of verbal appreciation.

CHS Freshman Michael Windom said, “I show my appreciation for my teachers by saying thank you when I leave the classroom on a daily basis.”

Staff members showing appreciation to other staff members goes a long way too.

CHS Math teacher Julie Cooke said, “Whenever I see another teacher I make sure to say thank you to show my appreciation for their work.”

Students and staff look ahead to a busy end of year schedule and plan to prepare for the end-of-the-year strain. Some students look ahead to the end of the school year and prepare for the intensity in various forms.

CHS Sophomore Erick Ortiz says, “I have a stress ball I use periodically throughout the school year to cope with the stress; however when the year starts to come to an end, I use the ball a little extra.”

 Windom said, “I am not really sure how to prepare for the end of the year in high school, but last year I just put everything I had into the last couple of weeks, battled through the stress and came out with the grades I wanted.”

Teachers can also tell when students are stressed out.

Bohac said, “Yes I can tell, and students can probably tell when teachers are dealing with stress. Every student and person responds differently to stress, but if you’re aware, you definitely notice it.”

Cortes said, “Yes, I have a great deal of experience and training in being able to understand if students are showing signs of stress.” Cortes also added, “especially near the end of the school year. The key is to be very supportive and provide the necessary support that is needed for each student.”

With CHS students and staff recapping on heavy amounts of end of the year stress, it is important to remember to support staff.  

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