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Amazing Play For an Amazing Cause

The amazing play for an even better cause called After This Episode was a success for the drama department. This inspirational play was about a strong girl who was diagnosed with cancer her senior year, which took her away from the outside world and trapped her in hospitals. She ends up going through horrible treatments that are almost like tortures, which makes her feel disconnected from her life before the tragic sickness. To top that off, Brianna Barrett, a cancer survivor, wrote this stunning play. Brianna Barrett is a hilarious comedian and about a year ago, she opened for a different play. That is when she met CHS drama teacher Sean Kelly and when she was asked to write the play. Cancer sadly kills millions of people every year, so to hear a play from a survivor is a great opportunity.

The play served as a fundraiser for Compass Oncology. Compass Oncology is the region’s largest independent cancer and hematology treatment practice. “I enjoyed this play because besides the fact that she is sadly suffering from cancer, she goes through other hard times just like some of us other teenagers, and sometimes I could relate to it,” explains freshman Veronic Limwanich. After This Episode did not only cover the fact that the main character, Rae, had cancer, but also the fact that she faces a fraught relationship with her sister, a failed romance, and since she is disconnected from the outside world she uses social media to remain connected to the world.

The play was shown on Friday, May 3rd. The tickets were perfect prices for kids and adults, so the play had a great variety of people. After This Episode was a heartwarming play and smiles kept appearing in the audience while everyone watched the performance. It was overall really cool, especially because a cancer survivor wrote it.”

This inspirational project was a very touching subject, and overall was just a wonderful experience for the audience to see what a cancer patient can go through. “The theatre really grabbed my attention, because it was such an awakening topic.”

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