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Here at Camas High School, there are posters all over the halls in the hope of bringing people together in sports or clubs and just making a good school community; the name of the poster project is #EVERYONEHASASTORY. These posters have little paragraphs about somebody’s story, some of which can be very personal and inspiring.

This program was started by a group of teachers, and the idea was “to get stories told about kids and break the idea that not all kids are the stereotypical Camas kids” said Mrs. Peters, English and history teacher at CHS. Kids at CHS get the title of being spoiled and stuck up. People think that everyone at Camas is from money and has nothing to worry about in life. However, the reality is that everyone has a story. Not everybody likes to share their story, but these posters are giving students the chance to anonymously tell people about their struggles or what is going on in their lives.

These stories that get hung up around the school are all anonymous mini stories from students at Camas High. According to Mrs. Peters, “we have the kids take a survey and ask questions about life and other stuff, We get lots of responses and pull quotes every week from student surveys, and I create the posters.”

The posters are creating an environment that shows students it is okay to be vulnerable and let people see the real and not the fake. “I hope that people can scratch the idea of what other people think of them and follow the poster’s message and let people know them for the real them,” elaborates junior Noah Lee.

Just this simple act of taking a survey and putting up a story can change the lives of many. This activity may seem like a small thing and like it is no big deal, but the reality is that students here can help send a message to all people in the community and help people who have struggles know that it is okay and they have a community that will support them and help them through whatever they need. Do not be afraid to let people see the real, and know that it is okay not to be what everyone wants or expects you to be.

If any student would like to share their story, they can get in contact with Mrs. Peters in room 402, or go out of the box and tell people in a different way.


Love the idea of #EVERYONEHASASTORY. We all have a story and we all have struggles and joys. This is a wonderful way to continue to create an accepting and non-judgmental environment at CHS! Way to go!

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