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Prom Review: Creation and Costs

Prom is perhaps one of the most hyped events of high school, so the pressure is on when it comes to making sure it lives up to that. Luckily, everyone who manages it pours everything into making sure that it is an enjoyable experience and will be one to remember.

This year, prom was held in the Left Bank Annex, right by the Moda Center in Portland. Choosing the venue was difficult with so many students wanting to attend. They needed to find a place big enough for everyone, but it turned out perfectly. There were three levels in all, and according to Kyle Keefe, who was in charge of making sure prom ran smoothly, “It was funny watching the kids come in because I don’t think they realized we had more levels. They thought that was just kinda it.” Additionally, Salt n Straw was the vendor for prom and was quite the hit.

The dance floor, Courtesy. Kyle Keefe

When it comes to these events, the Camas High School prom is all funded by students for students. All the money they take for homecoming tickets, concessions from past sports games and even ASB Cards goes directly to funding an event for the students and prom is no different. The support for prom was also through the roof, with around 10-15 chaperones of staff pitching in. That, along with an additional team of students eager to put it together, made it such a hit. Kyle Keefe mentions, “People expect a really high-level product from us here at CHS and we try and deliver that.”

As always, there were some negative comments about the music choice or how food ran out easily, but there were plenty of good comments too. The venue was well received, and there were reports of some students saying it was one of the best dances they’ve ever been to. Given ticket sales were pretty similar to previous years and the turnout was good, prom was an overall success.

While prom is fun for students, it can also be pretty costly. A few students claim to have spent as little as $0, whereas other students have spent nearly $500, with dresses and tux rentals taking up the most expenses. While a fun dance, it can be costly, but Camas does its best to make it all worth it.

There’s a lot that goes into prom, both for those who are tasked with creating it and for those attending it. But, it’s seen as a high school experience that shouldn’t be skipped out on. After all, with all this effort, Camas High School strives to make prom a night to remember.

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