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Camas: A History

Camas has certainly changed over the years, but as the city grows and evolves, it will always have a “rich history, and not preserving it would be ridiculous, because it’s forgetting the past, and only bad things happen when you forget the past,” explains Sophomore Liam Martin. Over time, Camas has developed a strong sense of pride and that pride can be seen “…now when you hear people refer to Camas as a mill town or when CSD bestows Mill Town Pride Awards.” says Director of Educational Resources Steven Marshall. 

History of us.

Throughout the years, Camas has developed a lot of fun traditions. Everyone loves participating in the “Boo Bash, Camas Days, and Holiday Tree Lighting. Others include CHS football games in the fall, walking the Lily Loop in the spring, and the Camtown Art Festival in summer” says Steven Marshall.

All these traditions were formed from the past and the past “gives the town or city its spine, if you will. Camas traditionally has been a working-class town and that kind of goes with the nature of the people” states History teacher Jeffrey Macke. According to Sophomore Liam Martin, history is important “…for remembering both the good things and the bad and to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again…in any community, really, whether it’s an entire country or just a small town like this one.” Even just the small details of the past have shaped Camas today.

Even though Camas is small, “Camas has five sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places: The Parkersville site- current Best Western Hotel, Farrel Building, John Roffler House, Camas Post Office, and the Pittock House, which was built in 1902,” states Steven Marshall. All these sites have a lot of history, Mr. Macke believes, “…more people should take an interest in history because it’s more than just a list of old dead people and place, it’s a guide book to the future, essentially, and it’s a guide to teach about current cultural trends, current government trends, and current economic trends and understanding. It is very informative to the decisions that we make today.” If anything or anyone ever forget the past “…then it morphs into something that was never intended and while change is good, if you don’t understand where you came from, you don’t appreciate it for what it truly is,” says Mr. Macke.

The past is a major part of everything in Camas and this whole world. There are museums for preserving art and the history behind the pieces, there are buildings, statues, and towers to represent the history of the place it rests. Without these, everything would be a dull place. Former principle Steven Marshall contributes, “…history gives added meaning and depth to the places we see and events we enjoy today…The present is fleeting, so it is important that we make the most of it.”

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